A trend that the big companies are missing

At the Gstar game exhibition held at the Bexco in Busan on Nov. 14, Sebastian Borget, Sandbox COO, said game users will be allowed to own the rights to content they have created using non-fungible tokens (NFT), and they will be able to add value by increasing rarity during creation. He said the Sandbox game is trying to create next-generation 3D builder games through such technology. What is the sandbox game? The Sandbox game involves user-generated content created by users playing games, such as Minecraft and Roblox. This includes game items, characters and maps. By employing blockchain, rarity is added through the issuance of NFTs. Creating 3D content through VoxEdit Users create “voxel” content through the sandbox game’s own VoxEdit tool. Voxel is a combination of volume and pixels. Through VoxEdit, the created models can be made into an animated game that can be used in the game. This process does not require blockchain tech technology. Borget said the users can create their own game experience when uploading the 3D model created through VoxEdit and sell it on the marketplace. Profiting from NFT items RC-721, which is a type of NFT, is issued on content created by users using VoxEdit. Users can then receive sandbox game issued cryptocurrency, ERC-20 tokens or SAND, when selling the content on other market places. The users can also purchase other rare content created by other users with SAND. There are tokens other than SAND, including tokens based on ERC-721 and asset tokens based on ERC-1155. All of these are NFT tokens. Land is a limited digital space within the metaverse, which is part of a virtual reality. Users can purchase land or through assets erect a building or farm using the tokens and profit from leasing the property to other users. Borget said by applying blockchain, game users will be able to experience true digital ownership, blockchain security and constancy, the possibility of NFT token transactions and the interoperability among users within the metaverse. Ambition to dominate the market as an early adaptor of blockchain game There are several games similar to Minecraft and Roblox. Borget said the reason the sandbox game stands out is because in the field of blockchain games, it could seize the market as an early adaptor. He said big companies have failed to notice the trend. He said the sandbox game as a leader and early adaptor of blockchain games has the opportunity to dominate the market.

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