Yes24 unveiled its own blockchain platform Seychain...By the way They don't have partners

Yes24, an online bookstore, unveiled its own blockchain platform Seychain, followed by the launch of its own token sey, built upon ethereum using the ERC-20 standard. The platform was born out of an agreement with ORBS, an Israeli blockchain firm, back in December, last year. Seychain? Seychain aims to build its own blockchain ecosystem and cooperate with partner companies to engage in operations. Yes24 also explained that Seychain is designed for the distribution of digital content as it can run 10-times faster than other ethereum-based platforms. It aims to evolve into a platform to encompass different business partners including in education, e-commerce, data and security technology. How to use Seychain The bookseller also revealed how it will use the sey token. It can be exchanged with existing tokens issued by Yes24. The digital asset also can be used to support the authors of content published on Shiftbooks, Yes24’s content platform. The sey coin can be used to purchase tickets for movies and shows. “The development of the Seychain mainnet is meaningful because it created a blockchain ecosystem for partnered companies” said Kim Seok-hwan, head of Yes24. “We will work towards providing services that can benefit customers by adopting different content platforms.” Jess’ note According to a statement last year, Yes24 planned to push for an IOC in the second quarter, but no announcement has been made about the listing. It said that it will form a consortium for its own blockchain system, but it has yet to reveal a partner.

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