"Pay in coin at restaurant?" Blockchain X Cook ‘Hintchain’

[Join:DeepTalk] Chung Ji-woong, head of dining app Haemuk Namnyeo, recently sat down with JoinD to discuss the latest news on the service, which connects blockchain with cooking. Restaurants owned by popular chefs like Choi Hyun-seok and Oh Se-deuk now accept the HINT token that are used in the dining app. The following are edited experts from the interview with Chung. Q. Please briefly introduce yourself. "Hello, I am Chung Ji-woong and I run blockchain project Hintchain. I used to work at Samsung Electronics as a network developer and then moved to NCSoft to develop the data platform. Currently, I double as the head of Haemuk Namnyeo and Hintchain. Hintchain is a blockchain project on food. Looking into the food market over the past five years, the related data is fragmented across different stores or social networking service platforms. Hintchain aims to bring together the information to establish standardized data and provide services tailored for users’ tastes." Q. Hintchain adopts blockchain technology. What is the advantage? The unit partners with Klaytn. How is the cooperation going? "We focus on the benefits for consumers rather than technological aspects. There have been limitations for different companies to share data and build trust. The same is true with overseas expansion. Korean companies often face trouble building trust when they attempt to share data and have business ties with Chinese partners. To resolve those problems, we adopted blockchain. At first, Hintchain was based on ethereum, but shifted to Klaytn in July. We released our own token HINT and support the HINT wallet. HINT is available at partnered restaurants." Q. How do you work with restaurants? "Big restaurants are keen on acquiring data to better understand consumers’ tastes. Mid-sized food stores are more interested in marketing and advertising on Google and Naver that directly affects their sales in the short run. But those promotion efforts are not as effective, which poses challenges to restaurant owners. Hintchain delves into consumers preferences based on data collected across the board and provides it to restaurants." Q. How much of a discount can one get with HINT? "We are in the early stages, so offer hefty benefits and big discounts. The discounts can go as high as 90 percent at some upscale restaurants. " Q. Membership is available at restaurants run by Choi Hyun-seok and Oh Se-deuk. How does it work? "Two of their restaurants — Restaurant Oh Se Deuk and Choidot — started accepting HINT in early June. It works if a user calls in advance of the visit to use the token. As a result, the two restaurants enjoyed a 20 percent increase in sales. Now, five restaurants use the token and they are all satisfied. We got high scores from consumers." Q. Is there anything else you’d like to say? "The Hintchain project is designed to prove the value of blockchain and deliver benefits to consumers and corporations. If you try out HINT membership, you can feel the value of blockchain. I hope more people share the experience."

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