Brave eliminates YouTube ads and plays videos in the background for free

Brave: Part 1 Recently, I was introduced to a smartphone app by a friend who said it will remove ads from YouTube videos and even play videos in the background like streaming apps Melon and Bugs. The biggest merit of this service is that it’s free. The offer sounded too good to be true, so I downloaded the app to try it out. Recommendation from a blockchain dummy The app is Brave, made by Basic Attention Token (BAT). It’s ironic that a blockchain enthusiast like myself was recommended a blockchain-based service by a friend that has zero knowledge about the technology. 10 million downloads BAT’s Brave has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google’s Play app store. In Japan, it is the most downloaded browser app on Google Chrome. (The most downloaded Dapp on is MakerDAO, a company that offers a security loan service based on blockchain, with more 100,000 users.) Playing ad-less YouTube videos It’s likely that Brave didn’t gather this many users due to its token economy linked to advertisements. The secret behind its popularity is YouTube. It allows users to watch videos with zero ads and play videos in the background for free. Both of these services are offered by YouTube through a monthly subscription plan costing nearly 10,000 won. The Brave browser systematically eliminates all kinds of ads online including those from Google and Naver. In other words, users accessing the internet through Brave can enjoy an ad-free internet environment. But if they voluntarily choose to watch the ads, users are rewarded with a BAT token. A threat to music services Melon, Genie Music and Bugs Brave’s ability to play videos in the background could prove to be a major threat to existing services. If played on the Brave browser, users can listen to YouTube video audio while playing mobile games, web surfing, using messenger apps and even while the screen is turned off. Most songs found on streaming services can be found on YouTube. There’s been an increase in the number of users that wish to move on from old streaming apps to YouTube when listening to music. But for users remaining on old platforms, the main motivation is listening to music played in the background. YouTube doesn’t support this. Music stops every time a user leaves the YouTube screen or turns off their phone. Ads often kick in during music, making it difficult to enjoy a seamless music experience. But with the background music function offered by Brave, users can now enjoy this for free. So here’s my next question. This is a great app that offers such benefits free of charge. And yet, why is it that BAT’s token price isn’t booming? The answer will be revealed in the next article.

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