CJ OliveNetworks creates a copyright management system based on AWS’s blockchain

CJ OliveNetworks has developed a blockchain-based digital copyright system utilizing Amazon Web Service (AWS) technology. CJ manages music history with blockchain The information Technology (IT) business department for CJ OliveNetworks will be using the AWS Managed Blockchain services and creating a digital copyright management system. It is using blockchain to record use history for music broadcast. The technology allows related parties to easily share and store data as needed. CJ OliveNetworks said it combined blockchain and cloud technologies into its new copyright management system to help companies better set standards and fee levels for using copyrighted music, adding it is working to enhance the system for full commercial use. AWS’s blockchain service? AWS, a subsidiary of Amazon, has created and is offering the Amazon Managed Blockchain. With the system, companies can easily create and manage blockchain networks based on Ethereum and Hyperledger. What is CJ OliveNetworks? The company is a subsidiary of CJ Corp founded in 2004 as the result of a merger of CJ Olive Systems and CJ Olive Young. Starting November, the company will be separating the IT unit and the Olive Young management branch into separate entities. The IT division, which currently provides big data, smart-supply management system, digital stores and IT infrastructure for the conglomerate at the moment, will run as a new digitally-focused entity for CJ Group.

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