Nervos Dreams of a fundamental platform rather than TPS or DAPP competition

[JoinDeepTalk] JoinD interviewed Nervos, a Chinese blockchain network invested in by well-known investment firms Sequoia and Wanxiang. The video interview included Kevin Wang, Nervos co-founder, and Yan Sie, a researcher and developer of ethereum. Following are edited excerpts of the interview conducted in Chinese. Q Please briefly introduce what the Nervos project is all about? To describe Nervos in one word, Nervos is a network that stores different types of assets. The ultimate goal of Nervos is to create a blockchain network that can work across borders. We are building an infrastructure for a digital economy powered by public blockchain. Q Tell us about yourself. I am Kevin, co-founder of Nervos, and living in the United States. As one of the architects behind Nervos’ business model, I actively engage in related communities. My background is as a developer, previously working at IBM’s research lab in Silicon Valley. At the time, my task primarily concerned big data. Then, I moved to develop an online platform. By 2013, I came across the concept of blockchain, which led to the launch of the Nervos project. Q You said that Nervos has solved the “blockchain trilemma,” or the three main challenges faced by the blockchain community, through the so-called layer 2 solution. Please explain more. Each blockchain projects pursues a different approach. Of them, bitcoin takes on a traditional decentralized system. We are also with bitcoin in that we pursue decentralization, but we’ve adopted a different decentralized system to boost efficiency. For instance, reducing the number of nodes is a part of the effort to increase efficiency. For us, we solve the issue with layer 2. It can address the issues of decentralization and scalability. To put it simply, layer 1 is like the first floor of a certain building and plays the role of a court. An independent public chain judges Nervos’ agenda. The second floor exists to deal with the contracts that don’t’ require the court’s ruling. But if tensions arise on the second floor, the issue can be taken to the first floor. Unlike the second floor, the first floor is able to hand out unbiased rulings with its complete decentralized system. Q Nervos raised $30 million from big investment firms like Sequoia and Wanxiang. What do you think is the major driver for that investment? As I said before, we have a number of seasoned professionals. One of them is a core developer of ethereum and others include the one who built Asia’s biggest blockchain community. The experts helped us gain competitiveness. Q Are there any important events coming up? We will sell tokens through Coinlist in mid-October. We also plan to launch our mainnet during the fourth quarter. Then, we will work to develop the community in different countries. Q What is CKB, Nervos’ token? CKB is like digitalized real estate. The higher the demand is, the higher the value of the land is. The value of CKB is determined by demand as the number of tokens is limited to 33.6 billion. We aim to set up a stable digitalized real estate.

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