If you buy 'Klayton Phone' by Kakao-Samsung, you'll get Klay.

The KlaytonPhone, a blockchain-friendly smartphone jointly developed by Samsung Electronics and Kakao, is now available in the market. Following are major features of the new release. KlaytonPhone? What’s it all about? The phone comes equipped with five applications, including the KlaytonPhone Wallet, a built-in wallet for Klayton tokens and blockchain applications. The KlaytonPhone Wallet can be activated through the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, an online app market installed on Galaxy S10. When is switched on, KlaytonPhone images and themes appear. What are the built-in apps? According to the website, the phone has five decentralized apps: Piction Network, a digital content provider; WomansTalk, a shopping platform; dining app Haemuk; beauty platform Fitsme; and mobile video platform Antube. They each have their own tokens: PIC, HINT, COSM, SPIN and ATT. Three models are available, with prices starting at 1.24 million won. There are three versions of KlaytonPhone: a 256-gigabyte Galaxy Note 10 model and 256-gigabyte and 512-gigabyte versions of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The Galaxy Note 10 version sells at 1.24 million won, while the Note 10 Plus 256 gigabyte model goes for 1.39 million won. The 512 gigabyte version goes for 1.49 million won. 500,000 won worth of Klay tokens? The buyers of the KlaytonPhone are entitled to 2,000 Klay, the cryptocurrency for the Klayton platform. The price of Klay remains unknown as it is not listed. The token is set to be listed on Indonesian and Singaporean exchanges run by Upbit, a Korean cryptocurrency exchange. Upbit and Klayton will conduct a Dutch auction on Sept. 18 to find the market price of Klay. But 2,000 Klay are seen valued at around 500,000 won. 36 won vs 250 won The sale price of Klay was $0.03 in the first private round of selling in 2018 and $0.08 in the second round. A total of 10 billion Klay tokens were issued. The public selling price is reportedly set at 250 won. Jess’ note Klayton now has Klip, a hot wallet on Kakao Talk, and Klayton Wallet, a cold wallet. Samsung Electronics ratcheted up its efforts to develop a blockchain phone by incorporating the blockchain-based platform into its smartphone models. It remains to be seen whether blockchain phones gain traction.

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