HeroRats, the last installment

We’ve reviewed the HeroRats game, which incorporates blockchain technology into Minesweeper, an all-time classic. The game seems great, as it comes with a friendly user interface. For that matter, it is unlike other blockchain games. It also enables participants to earn money and even contribute to global peace. But is there any game in the world that is absolutely perfect? Let’s look into the drawbacks of the game. (If there’s anyone who missed the first volume of article on HeroRats, click here!) Can minesweeper be a means of illegal gambling? There have already been many remakes of minesweeper. At online gambling sites, there are sports games using the concept of minesweeper. How is this game used for gambling when minesweeper is not really about probability but works based on certain rules and calculations? Well, it seems so at first, but in the end there are situations when participants need luck. At that point, game players wouldn’t know if the game maker intentionally made it so that whatever the user clicks is a mine. Reason why the Casino DApp is popular Here is where blockchain-based games can really play their part. All of the game-playing is recorded and shared transparently through blockchain. This way, the technology prevents any controversy. This is likely to be why casino-related decentralized applications (DApps) dominate top rankings. The app frees users of the possibility that the game’s outcome has been manipulated by the online casino site operators as smart contracts record and share all data and transactions involved in the game’s process. HeroRats also uses blockchain to offer users a confirmation process. At beginning of the game, all coordinates of the mines on the app are recorded and hashed into color codes. These color codes are then embedded into rat characters. This is why rats that appear at the beginning of the game come in different colors. After the game ends, it offers data on whether the coordinates initially set by the game and the converted color codes match to show users the game has not manipulated final results. Tips on the game! Even for games like minesweeper, users need to depend on probability as they approach higher-levels in the game. Users have to depend on their instincts. But there are some strategies and formulas that boost chances of users clearing each round. As the game has a long history, it has certain patterns, like the game of go, and there are experts who can clear the highest-level of minesweeper in just 60 seconds. I might not be that good, but as a gamer dedicated to minesweeper in the past, I will share with you some tactics that can help you raise the chance of clearing the game. How? Check out Join:D’s YouTube videos to be uploaded over the weekend!

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