Chong Kun Dang is making a healthcare reward platform based on blockchain

Pharmaceutical company Chong Kun Dang Holdings signed an agreement Tuesday with Lambda, a blockchain subsidiary of fintech firm Dunamu, and cloud service company Megazone Cloud to establish a blockchain-based healthcare reward platform. Blockchain and healthcare? The agreement aims to create a healthcare ecosystem, an expansion of Chong Kun Dang‘s original mileage service that also provides information on exercises and nutrition. The platform will provide a collection of information on online and offline healthcare services. Users can conveniently use all the points, mileage and discount coupons currently scattered across Chong Kun Dang’s partnering companies on one single platform. Chong Kun Dang Holdings? Chong Kun Dang is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Korea and has subsidiaries specializing in health foods, medical equipment and drug manufacturing. “We have come up with a new business model that combines Chong Kun Dang‘s healthcare content with next-level blockchain technology,” said Chong Kun Dang Holdings CEO Woo Young-soo. “Through the combined reward platform, we will provide organized and specialized healthcare service to consumers.” Lamda 256? Lamda 256 is a blockchain-specializing subsidiary of Dunamu, operator of the global crypto-asset exchange Upbit. Lamda 256 created Luniverse, a blockchain service platform for companies. Chong Kun Dang Holdings’ new blockchain platform is going to be based off Luniverse.

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