Luniverse by Upbit Affiliated Company, Introduced 5 DApp Partners

Luniverse, a blockchain platform made by Lambda256, introduced its five DApp partners on Thursday at Upbit Lounge. Lambda256 is a blockchain research lab under Dunamu, which operates local cryptocurrency exchange Upbit. ① KStarLive KStarLive is a start-up offering hallyu content. If someone shares hallyu-related content and writes about hallyu KStarLive‘s online community, the person receives KStarCoins. KStarLive is working with Luniverse as the partnership can help expand its platform. The start-up cooperates with local cryptocurrency exchange Coinone. The partnership made the start-up’s platform easier to approach for users. Even without deep understanding of the original blockchain, or main chain, users can easily participate in cryptocurrency transactions as currency withdrawal is managed by Coinone. On the issue of the start-up abruptly changing its listing schedule, the start-up‘s chief technology officer Kim Tae-hyung said there was a sudden change in schedule because it was the first time connecting the Luniverse API and nodes with a cryptocurrency exchange - according to KStarLive, KStarCoin is the first token to get listed using the Luniverse main net. ② Refone Refone is a company that uses blockchain technology to secure transparency in secondhand phone trading. It is establishing a used phone trading ecosystem in partnership with convenience store chain CU and mobile carrier KT. Currently, used phones go through retail stores, wholesalers and then are exported for trading, which is an inefficiency system. Under that structure, middlemen can take unreasonable amounts of profit. To tackle this issue, Refone took out the intermediary transaction process using blockchain technology as well as the sales infrastructure of CU and KT. The service went live nationwide from Aug. 1. The company is planning on establishing a sales system where customers can receive Refone’s non-liquid utility tokens once used phone sales have been completed. The system is expected to be completed by the end of this year in partnership with Luniverse. ③ RingPlatform RingPlatform is a company that integrates global mileage based on blockchain technology. Mileage, traditionally, can only be spent at partnering stores designated by mileage service operators. Ringplatform, however, is preparing to launch a new service. The company plans to take cash for converting users‘ mileage and then compensate users on the amount of cash by offering them cryptocurrency. Ringplatform is establishing a token economy based on its stable mileage token used only within the platform, called Ring Mileage, and utility tokens used for purchasing called Ring Token. In the future, the company will pursue more partnerships including with financial companies within the Luniverse platform. ④ Foresting Foresting runs a compensational social media project based on blockchain technology. It started offering beta service from April 30. Users can use Foresting’s cryptocurrency as star balloons on AfreecaTV. Star balloons are a type of online credit that video audiences can send to hosts of live video shows. Credits can be converted into real cash. Foresting plans to make tokens earned through social media activities available for use at offline shops. On the legal issues involving using tokens at offline shops, the company says it has discussed with governmental authorities so that they can use the tokens on card transactions. The company is also gathering some 500 live streamers and influencers to diversify the content uploaded on its social media platform. To create such a complex token economy, Foresting decided to partner with Luniverse. ⑤ Sodaplay Sodaplay offers advertising service through affiliated stores. If users visit Sodaplay‘s affiliated stores on mobile phones through the DApp, users can watch advertisements. Through this process, affiliated stores, advertisers and ad viewers can all be compensated with cryptocurrency. This token economy is still being planned out. The company does not yet operate within the Luniverse platform, however, the relevant testing process has been completed. The service will open at the end of this month.

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