A collaboration between Crypto Monster and Japan’s gravure idol? - Part 1

Oasis City, a blockchain technology-based game and virtual-reality (VR) content platform operator, launched a game dubbed Crypto Monster, or CryptoMon, early this month. As you can guess by the name, the game has to do with monsters. But during a briefing held Thursday, the company announced it will be collaborating with Japanese gravure idols to co-develop a game based on CryptoMon. A gravure idol is a Japanese female model who primarily models for magazines, especially men’s magazines. At Thursday’s briefing, several names were introduced. First was Moiin. Moiin is operating Korea’s largest VR theme park, called VR LivePark, which uses full-body motion-tracking technology. The technology uses optical fiber sensors to track motion. A reverse initial coin offering by Moiin created Oasis City. Wang Hong Investment has a pool of influencers, called wanghong in Chinese, who are part of Asia Internet Star, a wanghong organization. The company has acquired the right to issue official wanghong licenses. It is currently operating various entertainment and content businesses, including those related to shopping, beauty and drama, while running a wanghong nurturing academy with Korea’s Chugye University for the Arts. Moiin and Wang Hong Investment have teamed up to launch new content on Oasis City. They plan to actively use influencers from China, Japan and Southeast Asia as game characters. The plan is to launch a CryptoMon-based game using gravure idols from Japan. I will explain to you the basic rule of CryptoMon. It is an online first-person shooting game, but unlike more widely known Battlegrounds, the game is very simple. Players only need to touch monster characters floating around the display with their fingers. Everybody can easily get used to the game. However, players cannot catch a monster simply by pressing on the monsters. Each monster has its own weakness and players need to find just that. If you succeed in catching a monster, the amount of money the monster holds becomes yours. The money held by a monster depends on the number of touches you made to catch that monster. For instance, its 10 won per bullet you used to catch the monster. Once you have saved up some money by catching monsters, you can convert the game money into cash. A new version of CryptoMon, CryptoMon Gravurer, will use female models as characters instead of monsters. In the game, players would have to touch the models. Instead of bullets, the players will be shooting heart shaped emoticons to catch the models. Each model will be showing off their unique reactions. The female characters introduced during the briefing were rather cute. While the key to catching these models will be the weakness of each character, the companies did not reveal details during the event. As the game has not officially been released yet, I asked some questions to the game developers. If you are curious about the questions and answers, stay tuned for Part 2 of the CryptoMon story.

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