Kakao’s blockchain affiliate starts initial service

Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary Ground X held its Klaytn Mainnet Launch event on Tuesday to introduce blockchain services provided by its platform Klaytn and network service provider Cypress. Ground X showcased nine blockchain services produced by companies partnering with Klaytn alongside eight additional services from partnering companies. Nine new blockchain applications HINTchain’s blockchain application “Haemukja” is a food review platform with more than three million users. Since the updated Haemuk 3.0 was launched, the service has started providing HINT tokens supplied through Klaytn for those who wrote reviews for foods and recipes. One token is valued at 100 won. PIBBLE is a new blockchain application partner company of Ground X that has made a social media platform that allows users to donate, share and sell products online. It is currently conducting its beta service and is expected to officially launch in the coming weeks. As the platform is image-based, when users post photos on the platform they are rewarded by how many “likes” those photos receive. Cosmochain has previously launched Klaytn’s first blockchain application Cosmi, a beauty social platform. The partnering company is now launching Fitsme, a cosmetics products recommendation service. SPINprotocol is a non-centralized commerce platform that connects product suppliers and social media influencers. Piction Network is a non-centralized platform for individual creators of online cartoons and fiction novels. If users publish their so-called “projects,” crowd funding starts for those projects. Supporters of such projects can donate with PXL and receive PIC tokens as certificates of support. INSUREUM is a type of insurance platform that provides compensation for certain events like fine dust, snow and rain. By using a smart contract system, users can file claims applications and receive compensation automatically. Cloudbric is a security platform that collects cyber attack data by using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to fortify the security for its clients’ servers and data. Airbloc is a data exchange platform that allows users to sell their personal data in exchange for some compensation. Antube.TV provides tokens as rewards for uploading videos or completing missions. Users can also earn more tokens by watching advertisements. The token ATT will run on Klaytn. Eight additional applications Ground X also unveiled eight more partnering companies’ blockchain applications on Tuesday. The company now has a total of 51 partners. The new services are comprehensive travel app “Hi,” pet adoption platform “BlockPet,” crowd funding platform “Pledgecamp,” sports career management project “WITH,” image-centered social network service “Pibble,” virtual reality content app “AR Gear,” U.S. blockchain-based data certification platform “DATA” and debit and credit card issuing platform “Tokky.” Jess' note Ground X CEO Han Jae-sun said it has intentionally excluded gambling platforms when selecting its next blockchain application service partners. It seems like Han is striving toward achieving mass adoption of blockchain technology and attracting real users to its platforms.

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