LG CNS to develop agricultural goods distribution blockchain platform


LG CNS signed a memorandum of understanding with SayIT to develop an agricultural goods distribution system utilizing Monachain, its own blockchain platform. All food-product distribution information uploaded on blockchain On the Monachain-based distribution platform, information on the entire process -- production to process, sales, purchase and delivery to the consumer -- will be saved and shared real time. Purpose As all participates save processes at each and every stage of distribution, consumers will be informed on the entire history transparently. “The National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service and the local governments will be responsible for the basic information on the agricultural goods, while LG CNS will be in responsible for the development of the platform that will manage the transparent distribution history of the food products,” said an LG CNS official. “Additionally, producers will be able to find new sales routes when utilizing the platform’s mobile push function.” SayIT The company specializes in business related to distributing agricultural goods as well as food products for mass consumption. Currently it is developing and running an order-management system that allows food and related materials to be distributed by suppliers to companies that manage the quality and distribution of the goods to the public cafeterias. Jess' note There are a growing number of cases where blockchain is used for product distribution history management. As the distribution of food is related to the public health, transparency is most important. Walmart has developed Food Trust, a distribution network that is based on IBM blockchain technology. The main concern is the way information is stored on the blockchain. There is a need to prevent errors or the input of forged or falsified information during the data-collection process.

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