Shinhan Bank launches digital sales department and AI integration center

Shinhan Bank (CEO Jin Ok Dong) announced on the 2nd that it will launch the AI Competency Center (AICC), which will lead the bank’s change, focusing on the digital sales department and AI (artificial intelligence), branch offices that do not have a window to innovate business methods through digital sales. Revealed. The launch of the Digital Sales Department and AICC reflects Bank President Jin Ok-dong’s will to “use the accelerated digital-centered financial industry change as an opportunity to prepare for the future Shinhan Bank.” Shinhan Bank plans to promote digital transformation to innovate the way banks work rather than digital as a support and supplementation of business and business methods. The Digital Sales Department is the first digital branch without a counter in the financial sector to provide financial services at the level of face-to-face consultation to customers who do business with banks without visiting branches. Dedicated employees of the Digital Sales Department provide customized financial consulting to 16,000 “digital customers” who have not visited branches within the last two years. In order to communicate with digital customers, “My Care” page, which is dedicated to Shinhan SOL, will also be established. Through this page, customers can easily consult with dedicated staff while viewing ▲customized care messages for each customer ▲useful financial contents ▲individual recommended products ▲financial schedules that should not be missed at a glance. Shinhan Bank plans to expand channels that provide practical financial solutions to digital customers starting with “My Care” page. AICC was established to redesign all banking operations from an AI perspective by combining AI-related capabilities possessed by Shinhan Bank. Aiming to quickly apply AI to actual field work, not R&D, and recruiting employees with rich field experience and creative business mind to secure a strong execution engine, the AI-dedicated organization from the existing 10 level to 50 Enlarged. In the future, we plan to promote AI innovative financial services with a sense of speed through the discovery of business tasks based on business data and the organic combination of AI and IT infrastructure capabilities. In addition, Shinhan Bank plans to build an AI ecosystem from the perspective of One-Shinhan through an AI organization under the head of Bank President Jin Ok Dong, who is in charge of AI guardian through Shinhan Financial Group’s “digital guardian” system. By collaborating with leading IT companies and fintech companies to discover innovative business models, to perform AI-based DT in all areas of banking, while disseminating related know-how to all affiliates of the group, the AI level of the group is expected to be upgraded to the next level. A Shinhan Bank official said, “We will introduce new financial services that customers can experience through the two newly established digital specialized organizations. In the future, we will provide new value to our customers through continuous digital innovation.” ※This article is published with the permission of Blockmedia.

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