Klaytn-based luxury goods trading, staking, and swap services are accelerating

Klaytn-based luxury transaction service and Klay staking·KCT (Klaytn-based token) swap support service is accelerating. #Temco launches premium gifticon service based on Clip NFT On September 21, Temco, an operator of blockchain based luxury commerce ‘Guhada’, announced that it has launched a ‘luxury gifticon service’ that allows you to send and receive luxury goods in the form of an NFT (non-replaceable token)-based card in the Klaytn-based mobile digital asset wallet Klip. When a user purchases a luxury goods through “Guhada,” Temco provides it in the form of an NFT-based digital card. This card is permanently stored in Klaytn and can be viewed by the user at any time. Users can present the card to a friend through a Klip and use it as a gifticon, or they can request an exchange for a real product at ‘Guhada’ and receive the product directly. When requesting an exchange for a real product, Temco said, “We will deliver the product after a thorough inspection process.” Temco uses NFT technology to guarantee customers’ “protection of ownership and prevention of forgery and falsification of product information” for luxury goods. Information on real assets, such as each luxury transaction order number and model number, is recorded on a digital card, but the company explains that it can increase reliability and stability because information cannot be modified with blockchain technology. The premium gifticon provided by Temco is created through’Klip Partners’, an NFT issuing tool provided by Ground X, a Klaytn developer. #D’Cent·Ozys agreement… Klay staking and KCT token swap available in D’Cent wallet On the same day, IoTrust, a Klaytn wallet partner and D’Cent operator, and Ozys, a Klaytn ecosystem partner, joined hands for the ‘D’Cent wallet service and Ozys’ non-app service linkage business. Through this agreement, users can easily stake Klay on mobile as well as PC by linking Ozys’ Klay station to the D’Cent wallet service. It also combines the D’Cent wallet service with a Klaytn-based token swap service. From next month, D’Cent plans to launch a service that allows users with Klay to stake directly from their wallet through linkage with Ozys. In addition, a reward event is being held to encourage the use of Klay stations with D’Cent. ※This article is published with the permission of Blockmedia.

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