City of Busan will manages seafood distribution process with blockchain technology

The City of Busan manages the entire distribution process of seafood with a blockchain technology.?On September 16th, the City of Busan announced that it will promote the demonstration of the “Blockchain-based Smart Marine Logistics Platform Service”, one of the innovative projects of the “Busan Blockchain Free Regulation Zone”. This is a service that allows consumers to conveniently check with a smartphone by recording all information on the process of distribution of seafood (mackerel, anglerfish, etc.) from production to retail stores in the blockchain. Since seafood is highly sensitive to temperature, it is likely to deteriorate at room temperature. It must be transported and stored at low temperature. Until now, when a consumer purchases Seafood, there was no way to check country of origin and temperature change in the distribution process. Through this project, all information (temperature, humidity, country of origin, radioactivity, impact, door opening, location information, etc.) generated in the distribution process of aquatic products will be recorded on the blockchain so that anyone can easily check it with a smartphone. The information recorded on the blockchain is difficult to modify or delete, so consumers can trust and purchase seafood. In addition, production, distribution, and logistics are automatically implemented through a smart contract (a contract is implemented in program code rather than in writing and the contract is automatically executed when certain conditions are met). It can reduce the business processing time and cost of the business operator. In addition, it can increase the reliability of transactions between operators. An official from Busan City said, “By building a smart cold chain platform, it will provide an opportunity for local small and medium-sized distribution and logistics operators to compete with large distribution companies. I am looking forward to it.” On the other hand, Busan plans to actively promote the expansion of applied regions and products from the second half of 2021 when the demonstration project is completed. It will promote relocation and expansion to other local governments through cooperation with logistics companies and industry-specific distribution companies. From 2022, the scope of the business will not be limited to the seafood distribution and logistics market, but will expand to the agricultural products, livestock, dairy and pharmaceutical markets to collaborate with specialized companies. ※This article is published with the permission of Blockmedia

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