Blockchain games of little interest to gamers

It turns out that game users are not interested in blockchain-based games, according to research requested by Korea Creative Content Agency (Kocca) and conducted by Korea Gallup. The research, which was released on Aug. 6, was done in order to collect data on the user awareness of the game they play in order to vitalize investment oin the game industry. According to the research, 56.3 percent of the respondents said that they have never heard of blockchain games. Another 34.7 percent of the respondents said that they’ve heard of blockchain games but don’t know them in detail. Only 8.9 percent of them said that they know the definition of blockchain games. When asked if they are interested in blockchain games, 38.3 percent of the respondents said they are not interested, followed by another 32.1 percent answering they are quite interested. Some 21.1 percent of them answered they are not interested at all. Korea Gallup concluded that 59.4 percent of the respondents are not interested in blockchain games, while 8.5 percent of them are interested. According to Korea Gallup, 10.9 percent of the male respondents said they are familiar with blockchain games, while 6.7 percent of the female respondents said so. By age, those in their 20s were most interested in blockchain games. Some 15.2 percent of the respondents in their 20s said they are “highly” interested in blockchain games. They were the only age group in which a double-digit percentage answered positively to the question. Among those under 50, respondents in their 30s were the least interested in blockchain games. A total of 38.5 percent of them said they are not interested. More than half of those above 50 years old said they are not interested. At the moment, Bora is the most active blockchain company in producing blockchain-based games. Sky People recently held press conference and said they will soon launch tw0 games, Five Stars and Five Blade X. which are based on blockchain technology.

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