After the Bitberry hack, are my coins safe?

Bitberry, a cryptocurrency wallet app, on July 15 announced that it was shutting down its server as it detected an external invasion. Bitberry on July 8 conducted an emergency service inspection. According to the notification, the server was attacked on July 8. As such, it plans to shut down its service for a month as it will look into the matter. #Unknown outside attack Bitberry on July 15 said it detected an unknown external attack and that it has closed its servers to protect customers’ assets. It said it has decided to share the ongoing situation. Bitberry said it had suspended its depositing and withdrawal service in order to defend against the continuing attacks. The decision was taken to protect customers’ assets from being stolen. Bitberry said it is currently looking into which weakness has been exposed and the reasons for the exposure. And in order to find the cause, it is suspending its service for a month. Additionally, it has reported the case to the investigating authorities, including turning in evidence on the external attacks. In order for the investigation to progress smoothly, Bitberry’s services will be temporary suspended. #Will my coins be fine? Bitberry’s notification did not clarify the size of the damage. It also did not clarify whether those that were affected were customers and if there were damages inflicted from the attack. “Currently we have nothing more to add to the notification,” said an official at Monster Cube, which acquired Bitberry in March this year. Monster Cube also operates SODA Play, a restaurant-linked cryptocurrency payment system.

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