Korean Government announces “Korean New Deal” policy to build ‘intelligent government’ through blockchain

On July 14, Korean government announced the plan to build an “intelligent government” using blockchain technology as one of the “Korean New Deal” policies. On this day, the government mentioned about “Korean New Deal” policy to overcome the severe recession caused by Corona 19 crisis and responding to a structural transition. Korean New Deal policy is largely to divided into ▲ digital new deal ▲ green new deal ▲ safety net reinforcement. By 2025, the government will invest 160 trillion won in 28 projects. Among these, 10 projects will be selected for representatives and intensively nurtured. The 10 major tasks of Korean New Deal are ▲ Digital Dam ▲ Intelligent Government ▲ Smart Medical Infrastructure ▲ Green Smart School ▲ Digital Twin ▲ National Safety SOC Digitization ▲ Smart Green Industrial Complex ▲ Green Remodeling ▲ Green Energy ▲ Eco-friendly Future Mobility. Blockchain technology will be used in intelligent government. The government will implement 5G network and a cloud-based work environment to become a “intelligent government” that quickly processes personalized public services. It will also expand non-face-to-face public services, such as handling complaints based on driver’s licenses and mobile identification cards. Currently, among financial institutions, Korea Financial Telecommunication and Clearing Institutes(KFTC) will be issuing and using blockchain-based mobile DID (Decentralized Identification) for employee ID. Blockchain-based driver’s license service can be used through the mobile identity verification app ‘Pass’ developed by three mobile carriers and National Police Agency. In the future, it is expected that such services will be more developed and widely spreaded. The government is pursuing blockchain-based pilot project to prevent overlapping welfare benefits such as national subsidies. In addition, the real estate transaction field is also planning to conduct a pilot project using blockchain. Currently, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is developing a ‘blockchain-based real estate transaction platform.’ It is expected to completed by 2024. President Moon Jae In, who announced the Korean New Deal policy on the day, added, “We are entering a society that A.I. and networks have become the future. and we will become the leading country of the next digital era.” ※This article is published with the permission of Blockmedia.

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