Xangle’s reservation announcement leaked in advance

Xangle, the global crypto disclosure platform, hung as a reservation announcement was leaked in advance. On July 9, Xangle, in response to the incident, announced that it had improved the reservation system. On July 6, Xangle posted an event on the website, announcing the reservation to be released at 1pm on July 9th. However, Xangle reservation disclosure content was spread through out the cryptocurrency community before the scheduled announce date. The content was about SOMESING, a blockchain-based karaoke app, which switched its mainnet from Icon to Klaytn. When the content was released at 1:00 pm on the 6th, the cryptocurrency community criticized Xangle’s insufficient management. In response, Xangle blocked users’ Telegram community chat function. Currently, only disclosures posted by Xangle is posted on Telegram. After the announcement from SOMESING, Xangle made announcement on Telegram, “We have improved the operation of the reservation disclosure by accepting the opinions of the community. We will make sure not to open the content of the event before the final disclosure of the reservation.” Xangle explained why SOMESING’s disclosure was exposed in advance. It said, “In the platform, the item name was revealed in real time without being disclosed due to a technical error. As soon as we found out, we immediately deleted manually.” The controversy grew as the first picture of this fact was captured and shared. Xangle said, “We apologize for not knowing the API in advance. The same message will be released in all channels in the future.” Meanwhile, the reservation disclosure was devised to prevent the information gap by passing the same information to the majority of investors at the same time without time lag. The name of the project to be disclosed is designed to be released after the publication. ※This article is published with the permission of Blockmedia.

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