Busan finally selected for the Block Special Zone’s 2nd business

On July 6, three services discussed at Busan Block Special Zone 2nd project were finalized. Ten demonstration cases were also included. The Ministry of SMEs and Startups announced that the 7 new special zones were designated by the special committee of the Prime Minister. The designation also includes additional projects for the Busan Blockchain Special Zone. The the companies that are finally selected after the deliberation are ▲Blockchain based real estate collective investment and profit sharing service (Sejong Telecom), ▲Blockchain based data reward and transaction service (Glosfer), and ▲Blockchain based medical my data non-face to face platform service (AI Platform Consortium). In addition, 10 cases of logistics, tourism, and public safety were added as demonstration cases. The additional projects designated for this time will be carried out for 4 years from next month to July 2024. The estimated total project cost will be 201.8 billion KRW by 2022, including the national budget of 120.2 billion KRW. As the project is underway, the city of Busan is planning to develop an information strategy plan for blockchain-based administrative innovation such as policy allowance and subsidy management starting next year. In addition, it plans to expand blockchain experience app services such as library membership card, urban rail route preferential treatment, and use Busan Special District as a test target for the diffusion strategy in detail connecting ‘the blockchain technology diffusion strategy’ conducted by the Ministry of Science & ICT. The city of Busan said, “The goal is to implement a new business model that lowers transaction costs and increases safety and efficiency, and expects to attract 1,105 billion won in sales, 21,220 jobs, and 490 companies by 2030.” Meanwhile, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups finalized seven new special zones. Newly designated special zones include Daegu (portable cooperative robot), Ulsan (genome service industry), Gangwon (liquefied hydrogen industry), Chungnam (conversion of hydrogen energy), Jeonbuk (carbon convergence industry), and Gyeongbuk (industrial hemp). . Demonstration projects of the existing special districts Busan (blockchain) and Daejeon (biomedical) have been added. Busan was additionally designated as the “Marine Mobility International Free Zone”. ※This article is published with the permission of Blockmedia.

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