SKT’s paperless mobile phone insurance application

It is now possible to apply for mobile phone insurance without submitting paper documents. On the 3rd of July, SK Telecom announced that it will launch ‘Initial Mobile Phone Insurance Compensation Service’, which allows customers to apply and process mobile phone insurance compensation without submitting a paper application document. Until now, Customers had to visit the After Service center for repairs, receive paper repair statements and receipts, and submit them to the insurer via fax, email, or application in order to receive insurance coverage for the damaged mobile phones. During this process, there were times receiving compensation being delayed if the documents issued were lost or damaged. In order to fix this problem, ‘Initial Mobile Phone Insurance Compensation Service’ was created. This service is the first result of the “Initial DID Alliance (Consortium Blockchain Network),” which was launched jointly by 14 companies including SK Telecom last year. In the future, customers will receive a repair statement and a receipt in the form of an electronic certificate through the initial application from the mobile phone service center. The documents are then sent directly from the application to the insurer for insurance screening. Electronic certificates issued and submitted cannot be altered or leaked when using initial blockchain technology. In addition, since the process of receiving or submitting the documents in person is omitted, it is possible to expedite process quickly within 24 hours until the application examination to compensation is received. SK Telecom will first implement ‘Initial Mobile Phone Insurance Compensation Service’ with Samsung Electronics. It plans to expand cooperation with other companies in the future. Existing SK Telecom customers can sign up for SK Telecom’s mobile phone damage insurance products. Customers using Samsung Galaxy series terminals can use the service through the ‘Initial App’ without a separate subscription process. The “Initial App” is an application provided by the “Initial DID (Decentralized Identification) Alliance”, and customers can use initial-based mobile authentication services, which is currently available for download in OneStore and Android PlayStore. ※This article is published with the permission of Blockmedia.

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