DID’s footsteps in the 1st half of 2020

Several DID-related services were expected to be released in the first half of 2020. Many blockchain projects have pledged to deliver services by the first half. Companies developing DID (Decentralized Identifier) services suggested June as a starting point. DID’s footsteps of the the 1st half is as below. Raonsecure was The first company which achieved the result in the DID industry this year. Raonsecure opened ‘Blockchain Simple Authentication Service’ with Military Manpower Administration earlier this year. Through this service, it is possible to log in with only biometric authentication without other means such as a public certificate, and can also handle various complaints. Raonsecure is also providing technology to distributed ID (DID)-based “robo advisors”, which was selected by KFTC and Fount as innovative financial services of Financial Services Commission. The service started distributing DIDs to Korea Investment & Securities last December. However, as it is a new service, it was targeted to limited customers considering possible errors. An official at the KFTC said, “We are currently developing services with Korea Investment & Securities and Shinhan Financial Investment. We plan to launch our service on September with two companies.”. He added, “In the future, we will introduce DID to simplify the exchange of various certificates in addition to RoboAdvisor.”. In addition, Raonsecure plans to complete its main DID service “Omni One” mainnet in late July and announce its full-fledged service launch. Coinplug, a first-generation blockchain company, is conducting business through Metadium, a subsidiary of DID technology. Coinplug, which has had strong overseas performance, including providing DID services to Latin American and UNHCR, has recently begun to deliver results in Korea. June the 9th, Coinplug released a mobile blockchain identification service called ‘Blockchain Experience App’ in Busan, a special zone for free regulation of blockchain. Busan citizens can use Busan citizen cards, government office visit cards, family cards, etc. through the app on smartphones. In the future, a mobile payment system will be possible in conjunction with the Busan Digital Voucher. Iconloop, which built MyID Alliance through financial regulation sandbox, will release its service in the third quarter. Originally, Iconloop planned to launch it in the first half, but adjusted the release date in cooperation with a number of financial institutions that joined Iconloop as partners. Currently, technology development has been completed, and it is in the process of test operation with partner financial institutions. Initial Association, led by SKT and three domestic telecommunications companies, has released DID application ‘Initial’. It can be downloaded from Appstore and Playstore. However, there are no officially supported services yet. It is yet only possible to get access permission certificate by now. It is reported that testing is currently underway for subsidiaries. ※This article is published with the permission of Blockmedia.

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