[Interview] Everything about the Steem hardfork

Blockchain community Steem enacted a hard fork on May 20 at 11 a.m. Korean time. The system-wide change is different from the Hive hard fork that took place in March. JoinD interviewed with TripleA, the current Steem validator that ranks 20th in the Steem community. Following is the full text of the interview. Q> What led to the hard fork? "Some players from Steem were excluded form an airdrop during the Hive hard fork. In addressing the issue, Hive said that they exclude the accounts that are opposed to decentralization. But this is not true. They excluded the users who were at odds with the old witnesses before the Hive hard fork and mediated between Steem and the previous witnesses. The real problem occurred following the Hive hard fork in March. Hive went on to attack the Steem community as follows. 1. Damaging network stability through different nodes 2. RAM spamming using automated bots 3. Flooding Steem with malicious comments to make Steem users turn away from the site 4. Manipulating Steem’s reward pool distribution system via scamming practices 5. Spreading fake news based on rumors 6. Publically attacking users, collecting personal information and threatening murder This is why the recent hard fork was executed." Q> What is the plan after the hard fork? "The current Steem validators were in a rush to prepare servers after the Hive hard fork after being hurriedly selected. But now order has been set in motion. While preparing for the hard fork, we’ve found a degree of pressure placed on the existing system. We will try our best to improve Steem’s ecosystem to prevent a recurrence of the problem. Another priority is to ensure the stability of blockchain and take a step forward rather than staying in the current position." Q> Could you explain the pressure that the existing system underwent? "It is linked with what happened with the old validators. Blocktrades, previously a top validator, is the key figure who had been in charge of mining since the inception of the Steem community. By the end of 2019, Blocktrades received 25 million steems over the past three years. The validator also contributed to developing the Steem Proposal System(SPS), a funding system for Steem developers. But the funding was exploited by the old validators. The current SPS system run by Hive could be used in this way as a tool for rewarding a small number of validators and their affiliated parties. The details about Blocktrades’ use of funding can be found on the records at cryptocurrency exchanges. Combined, Blocktrades gained 20 million steem over three years from Steemit Foundation. It also exploited the secondary account @darthknight, which was confirmed by the exchanges. It's transaction records can also be found through internet."

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