Autonomous vehicles featuring blockchain technology could be tested in Sejong City

Autonomous vehicles featuring blockchain technology could be tested for driving early next year in Sejong City. Improving data security and trust of autonomous vehicles through blockchain technology, which is resistant to data forgery and hacking, are the key to the trial. #Sejong City to block data forgery and hacking through blockchain technology On May 8, the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korean Internet & Security Agency said they embarked on a trial service to build a platform that runs autonomous vehicles based on blockchain technology. The trial service is intended to adopt and apply blockchain technology to public businesses to innovate public services and foster the growth of the blockchain market. A total of 10 trials are to be run. Sejong City in December was chosen for public trial assignments along with five local governments, including Busan and Gangwon, and four government departments, including the Rural Development Administration and the Ministry of Health and Welfare. #Sejong City works on building a blockchain-based autonomous vehicle platform The key to the business is to strengthen the security of the data transmitted between vehicles through blockchain-based decentralized identity. Through the blockchain platform that runs based on a smart contract, which is impossible to forge, users can share information on autonomous vehicles in real time. This is expected to raise the trust of the data safety. A consortium led by LG CNS practices the trial service. A total of 1 billion won ($890,000) – 600 million won from the government and 400 million won from the private companies – are to be spent on developing the business this year. #Trial service could begin as early as next year If the development of the technology goes smoothly, autonomous vehicles featuring blockchain technology could be trialed early next year in Sejong City. The city plans to lead a revolution in public services and expand the use of blockchain through the trial service. “Through the establishment of a trustworthy blockchain-based platform, the completeness of autonomous driving business will be raised,” said Sejong City Mayor Lee Choon-hee. “By establishing the country’s first decentralized identity authentication system for vehicles and machines, it will become possible to secure the trust and solve problems in relations to the safety of autonomous vehicles.”

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