Korea government unveils massive blockchain pilot project

The Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Internet & Security Agency held a launch event for a blockchain pilot project that will be participated in by both public and private parties to invigorate the technology. A total of 10 consortia with a total of 24 companies are participating in the project. A total of 10 projects have been selected for the public-led part of the project. ▲Public order and security: Building a platform that manages evidence based on blockchain technology. ▲Farming: Building a platform that manages production and retail for agricultural products. ▲Social safety net: Building a platform that manages the distribution of welfare benefits. ▲Food safety: Building a platform that collects data on food safety. ▲Medical: Building a platform that manages chronic illness in Gangwon Province. ▲Verification: Building a platform that offers a public service that manages decentralized identities. ▲Transportation: Building a platform for autonomous driving cars. ▲Environment: Building a platform that controls the quality of water. ▲Jeju Province: Building a system that can manage the life cycle of batteries in electric vehicles. LG CNS will participate in approximately one-third of the projects, leading projects related to food safety, autonomous vehicles and batteries for electric vehicles. Private-led projects will include three consortia with 12 companies participating. ▲Logistics: Building a platform manages digital invoices of packages. ▲Electronic contracts: Building a system that enables untact video conferences and voice-based system where small business owners and individuals can sign a contract. ▲Electronic paper: Building a platform that manages medical treatment documents of patients at hospitals.

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