WALLABEE "We will lead the game market with remote technology and blockchain."

There is a saying that classics are great. It is no exceptions in games. Well-made classic games develop and popular sporadically and periodically even as times change. So is WALLABEE, the Game dApp that will be introduced this time. Another classic arcade game, "Picking-Dolls," is the prototype of the WALLABEE game. If different, WALLABEE is a remote robot game form. It also realized the opening of game data by utilizing blockchain technology. In other words, WALLABEE dreams of becoming a game changer in the game market by incorporating blockchain and remote-control technology (the concept of a remote robot game) into a Crane game that is in the ranks of masterpieces. It pursues the fusion of masterpieces games and modern technology. # In the age of COVID-19 and Un-Tact, play robot games remotely In 2017, the Crane machine game literally swept the streets in Korea's offline game market. The game method was simple, and the fact that if I succeed, the character I wanted will come out was a big attraction. Even at the peak of the first half of 2017, the phenomenon of "Picking-Dolls property waste" by some consumers was highlighted. Of course, the Crane game peaked and entered a stagnant period in the Korean market since then. However, there are certain cycles of crane games in other countries. Therefore, if the global market is firmly established, the service can be continuously operated. In case of WALLABEE, it is a global service. There is an advantage in that area because you can play games anywhere in the world. However, one special situation is that the overall offline market has entered a recession due to the spread of the COVID-19. Many refer to the advent of the era of Un-Tact. While offline businesses' performance has plummeted in the distribution sector alone, e-commerce companies such as AMAZON and COUPANG are showing brisk performance. The same goes for gaming and entertainment sectors. The news of a sharp drop in sales of traditional offline PC rooms is not a story for a day or two. Even coin karaoke rooms, which targeted young people who were accustomed to individualism like the crane game, could not avoid a slump. Remote technology is rapidly emerging as a solution to this. This is the case with ZOOM, a remote video conferencing service, which has been controversial over privacy issues but is rapidly increasing in demand. The same effect can be expected in the game and entertainment sectors. Karaoke rooms may have relatively low Un-Tact effects in that they need a place to sing, but There's no problem running the crane game online. WALLABEE can control remotely crane machine, the most common arcade game, by using remote control technology on the web. Through this, users can play a variety of remote robot games without having to go directly to offline places, and receive rewards provided by WALLABEE. In addition to the crane game, WALLABEE is also developing various remote robot games for the first time in the game industry and preparing for service. # Suspected manipulation of the crane game, will solve by Blockchain However, there is one problem when operating online like this. there is a concern that game operators may manipulate the game. In 2017, when the craze for Picking-Dolls was in full swing, there were suspicions of manipulating the level of difficulty even though they were offline. It is argued that as the number of users of Crane machine increased and the number of people who are good at Picking-Dolls increased, the possibility of employers deliberately reducing the chances of Picking-Dolls. At that time, an industry official countered that the Picking-Dolls machine is not sophisticated enough to be set according to probability, but people's suspicions remained lingering. WALLABEE says it will resolve suspicions of game machine manipulation that could get worse online with blockchain technology. It is said that it will store and disclose the number of games using the game of crane game displayed on the web, the amount of compensation, the probability of compensation, and the difficulty of the game through the blockchain so that anyone can see WALLABEE's game information in a transparent manner. # Game rewards in Crypto Asset... Where can I use it? Crane game costs are handled through WALLABEE coins (WLB), which are used in WALLABEE. Likewise, WLB is the reward for the success of the game. In order to secure the use of the WLB coin, WALLABEE said it will actively advertise by utilizing influencer of SNS and video platforms. Based on this, WALLABEE's marketing strategy is to secure a place to use by forming partnerships with large global online shopping malls, offline distributors and point card companies. In addition, WALLABEE is developing a service that increases the value of its items by attaching items acquired from WALLABEE to the game dApp to foster items acquired within the game. It is also preparing to operate a special purpose exchange that deals with items acquired through remote robot games or fostered by dApp in the future. Through this, WALLABEE explains that it can be differentiated and competitive compared to other game platforms. In the global game market, there is already an exchange that deals with NFT(Non-Fungible Token) market places, Crypto-kitty, which was a real Ethereum "Killer" dApp, is a case in point. # WALLABEE will develop a robot game and make a killer game dApp Global demand for remote robot game contents such as Crane game is steady. In particular, there is a large market for Crane game in Japan. AKIBA CATCHER, which launched the service in 2012, is a listed company on the Japanese stock market and currently has about 1.4 million members. TOREBA supports about 1,500 prizes and various kinds of Picking-Dolls. Nevertheless, if WALLABEE runs only one type of Crane game, the content could become monotonous. Not to be like this, WALLABEE will release other remote robot games and dApps of various genres in addition to the Crane game. It plans to unveil the prototype in the third quarter of 2020 and release a trading card game (TCG) based on the Three Kingdoms character later this year. As a result, users can expect to receive rewards proportional to the time and cost they spend on the game and to enrich the items and contents they have raised in the game. Reporter : join:D Original article link : Unauthorized publication of this article without revealing its source and link may result in copyright infringement. ※This content was produced with support from WALLABEE

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