Big data weather company Observer signs a contract with Seven Eleven in Vietnam

Observer, a blockchain-based big data company that studies fine dust and weather, said March 31 it has signed a contract with Vietnam’s Seven Eleven to establish a fine dust and weather forecast network. # Why Vietnam? While Vietnam’s landmass is three times larger than Korea’s, at roughly 33.1 million hectares (127,800 square miles), Vietnam’s infrastructure for monitoring fine dust is considered inadequate. There are less than 10 sites that collects information on fine dust, a stark contrast to Korea where there are roughly 400. There’s been an increase in interest in fine dust monitoring data, as motorcycles are the most common means of transportation in Vietnam. The country also has an insufficient number of weather stations. #Observer? Observer, which hopes to expand its overseas businesses in weather forecast and fine dust monitoring, has joined hands with Seven Eleven, which has been aggressively expanding its stores across Vietnam. Observer in a statement said advanced economies already conduct detailed monitoring on weather and the environment through the participation of both the government and private companies. It is thus focused on expanding in the Southeast Asian market. In December, Observer signed a contract with the convenience store company’s Korean division to install mini weather stations at Seven Elevens. The weather stations, 10 centimeters in length and 13 centimeters in height, monitor fine dust, atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and precipitation. Observer plans to set up the mini weather stations at 3,000 Seven Elevens in Korea this year, which would be one for every neighborhood in the country. Observer on March 19 listed its token OBSR for collecting and distributing weather-related information on the Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinone.

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