Telegram sexual trafficker found to hold 2.4 billion won in Ethereum wallet

Cho Ju-bin, the suspected Telegram sexual trafficker who ran Nth Room, may have received membership fees in cryptocurrency. An Ethereum wallet claimed by Cho shows 2.4 billion won worth of deposits sent from 18 exchanges at home and abroad and from 57 personal wallets. The original sources of the deposits have been identified, and a list of the name will be soon revealed through the cooperation of the exchanges. #It has been deposited since 2018. The accumulated deposit amount is 2.4 billion won At least 2.4 billion won has been sent to Cho’s cryptocurrency wallet since 2018, according to CryptoQuant, a cryptocurrency data analysis company. The funds include of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero and other coins. CryptoQuant said that it spotted the 2.4 billion won of transactions from an Ethereum wallet. The exact date of the beginning of those chatrooms has not yet been confirmed. The most active room was the one run by Cho. The first deposit of the Ethereum wallet came in January 2018, supporting the assumption that he started accepting membership around that time. Still, since the size of the holdings shrank in the mid-2018, people suspect that Cho may have multiple wallets. Starting 2019, he began using a technique called mixing to avoid any tracking or probing. The accumulated deposits of the single Ethereum wallet stand at 2.4 billion. The Nth Room offered free-of-charge rooms and paid rooms. The fees vary from 200,000 won to 2.5 million won. #The exchange that Cho Ju-bin used most was Upbeat The users, who are mostly Koreans, used 18 domestic and overseas exchanges. Upbit recorded 93 deposits, while Bithumb had 51. Korbit managed 15, followed by Binance’s 13. Huobi facilitated 12, while Kucoin handled 10. Coinone had 7, Gopax 5 and Coinrail one. The other 57 transfers were sent from private crypto wallets. CryptoQuant said that the transaction IDs have been traced, and the identification of those involved can be revealed if the exchanges agree. #Investigation should be expanded Besides the Ethereum, Cho is believed to have received Bitcoin and Monero. The police sent a letter to the four largest exchanges – Bithumb, Upbit, Coinone and Korbit – to collaborate in identifying three Monero wallets and four bitcoin wallets. The four exchanges handle the trading of bitcoin, but only Bithumb deals in Monero. The police havn’t asked for assistance from Gopax and Coinrail. The police have not yet dug into the users of overseas exchanges. The scope of the investigation could widen.

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