[JOA] Bitcoin is just around the corner of the halving. Can the price go up?

[JOA] ②Bitcoin halving: How will it affect BTC prices? The bitcoin industry will soon face a halving day in just 46 days, wherein the amount of mined blocks will be cut in half to limit their supply. It will be the bitcoin’s third halving day on May 14, causing the number of bitcoins issued per block to decrease from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. It only seems logical for the value of bitcoin to increase when the supply is cut in half, but with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, it is not easy to predict what will come after the next halving day. Despite those concerns, however, many are still maintaining substantial investments in blockchain. #The third halving So why is there a halving day in the first place? Initially, the allowable amount of blockchain to be mined was limited to 21 million blocks. And the amount available in the market needed to be released slowly in order to prevent excessive supply leading to price drop. With the speed of mining destined to only increase, the amount of mined blocks would likewise accumulate more quickly over time. The halving day was first perceived for this reason. Every four years, the amount of available bitcoins per block drops by 50 percent to curb inflation. Bitcoin has gone through two halving days so far. In bitcoin’s early stage, return per mined bock was 50 BTC. After the first halving day in Nov. 2012, the return cut in half to 25 BTC. The third one cut the return to 12.5 BTC. After the third halving in May, the return per block will be 6.25 BTC. #Halving, have nothing to do with the price There remains skepticism over the function of halving days. According to Anthony Pompilano, co-founder of United States-based asset management company Morgan Creek Digital Asset, the halving day doesn’t have an impact on the bitcoin’s value. Noelle Acheson, a blockchain analyst, also said the coming halving day will not boost the value of bitcoin. There was also industry consent that the bitcoin value already reflects the coming halving day, with the volatility caused by the two past halving sessions meaning there won’t be any boost in its price after the halving day. But this time may be different, some analysts say. British asset management company CoinShares’ CSO Meltem Demirors said in a December interview that the coming halving day will have an impact on the value of bitcoin in a new way. He said the bitcoin industry has expanded exponentially compared to the past. There are many derivatives related to bitcoin in other trade exchanges, such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where investors can pick and choose different types of investment items. He added that for this reason, the market value of bitcoin will not be just centered on the halving day. #Nevertheless, expectations remain Still, many investors are banking on the boost to bitcoin’s value in May. Trace Mayer, an early bitcoin investor who hosts a podcast called “The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast,” said bitcoin’s value will increase after the halving day. Bitcoin has been showing weak trade performance lately, he said, which is exactly what preceded earlier halving events that resulted in a jump in bitcoin’s value. Join.D is starting a live YouTube show which will be uploaded every Thursday 9 p.m. Aprobit has sponsored the series. ①The Korea finance act: What is to become of domestic exchanges? ②Bitcoin halving: How will it affect BTC prices? ③From Mt. Gox: The history of crypto exchanges ④The rise and fall of crypto exchanges ⑤All about Stablecoin 1 ⑥All about Stablecoin 2 ⑦Everything about Defi ⑧Everything about Fork ⑨Latest investment trends for crypto assets ⑩Price analysis and forecasts for alternative coins

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