Dunamu affiliate to join Indonesian stablecoin project

Lambda256, an affiliate of Upbit operator Dunamu, has announced it will join an Indonesian stablecoin project called "Rupiah Token." The token will be built upon Luniverse, a blockchain platform developed by Lambda256. What is IDRTL? In the Luniverse platform’s first application, the Rupiah Token is a blockchain-backed cryptocurrency pegged to the rupiah, Indonesia’s currency. One Rupiah Token or IDRTL can be exchanged with one rupiah. The transaction fees can be paid with IDRTL on the platform. What is Lamda256? Founded in March, 2019, Lambda256 is a blockchain research unit. Why did they make the stable coin? The introduction of the Rupiah Token is intended to further spread the use of digital payments. Jeth Soetoyo, CEO of Rupiah Token, said that “The transaction fees felt by users [of the Rupiah Token] are among the lowest in the industry.” IDRTL is now traded on Upbit’s Indonesian exchange.

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