Cryptocurrency wallet Bitberry still available

Monster Cube, the operator of restaurant-finder app Soda Play, announced Tuesday that it signed an agreement late last month to merge with Rootone Soft, operator of cryptocurrency wallet service Bitberry. RootOne discontinued its wallet service in January, citing market uncertainties, but with the latest merger the service is expected to available again. #Why is Soda Play acquiring Bitberry? Monster Cube plans to expand the Bitberry’s user base once the acquisition is finalized. It also expects to strengthen the platform’s operations. “We decided to push this deal through, as Soda Play’s project has gained momentum and needed support for business expansion and stabilized platform management,” said Monster Cube CEO Yoo Jae-beom. According to Monster Cube, there are around 700,000 users for Soda Play’s platform. Monster Cube has already been running Soda Wallet using Bitberry’s technology through a mutual agreement. The acquisition will help the platform retain its own wallet technology while enabling more convenient services. Soda Wallet stands to acquire 170,000 users on Bitberry. #Can the Bitberry service continue? After the acquisition was announced, Rootone Soft CEO Chang Sung-hoon announced in a statement within the Bitberry app that the service will continue operations. “If someone deleted the Bitberry app, he or she can use it again as before by logging in with a Kakao or Google account,” Chang said in the announcement. “We will also soon resume transactions, which have been closed for the moment.”

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