Kakao’s cryptocurrency wallet Klip to launch in the first half of 2020

Kakao’s blockchain affiliate Ground X will complete development of the crypto wallet Klip in the first half of 2020. The service will offer Kakao Talk users access to the service without needing to download a separate app. Ground X is also preparing Kaikas, a wallet that can be accessed via web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, to launch in the first half of 2020. By the year’s second half, foreign users will be able to use Klip’s global version as well. Klip to launch in this year’s first half The launch was announced in Ground X’s blog post uploaded by Ground X CEO Han Jae-sun announced the launch in a Feb. 18 blog post. “Ground sets sail for the next internet,” Han wrote. “Through Klip, users can save or consume a variety of digital assets produced in Klaytn. Access will be allowed via Kakao Talk and personal keys will be secured by Klip, so any blockchain beginner will be able to easily use the service,” he explained. In addition, a Klip mobile app connected with Kakao Talk, as well as a global version, are to be released this year. The company hopes the releases will draw in many users from both inside and outside Korea. KAS to expand Klaytn’s ecosystem Along with Klip, Ground X will launch its Klaytn API service (KAS), an applied program interface using blockchain. The service is designed to lower the entrance barrier for developing blockchain services, with the hope that this will expand Klaytn’s ecosystem. Ground X’s ultimate goal is to offer a score of blockchain services through the cloud. According to Han, services including Klip will roll out during the first half of this year, while services made with external partners will be released in a beta version. The company is also preparing to present global services in 2021. 2020 to be a pivotal year for blockchain’s pubic expansion CEO Han’s assessment is that compared to its potential, blockchains have been slow to penetrate our lives. He cited a high entrance barrier to the technology, a lack of consumer touch points and a lack of truly relevant services that can prove blockchain’s customer value. Ground X aims to solve all three using the Klaytn ecosystem this year, he said. “The blockchain industry has been going through massive changes like a rollercoaster, and Ground X likewise went through a compressed two years of experience,” he said. “Ground X’s goal until last year was launching a practical blockchain platform … This year, our aim is to make 2020 the first year of blockchain expanding its reach into the public.” But still it would take years for that dream to fully realize, Han said. “Blockchain’s popularization isn’t something that can be completed in a day. Until now, we were impatient, but now it’s time for us to get back to reality and view the blockchain business from a long-term perspective.” Blockchain will suggest the future of the “next internet” Ground X’s new milestone is “Building the Next Internet by Blockchain,” in which the technology can be used to solve problems like fake news, malicious comments, manipulating search engine rankings and data leakage. “Blockchain can add credibility to the internet. It can tackle concerns regarding anonymity and open an online world that connects every corner of the globe. Blockchain and cryptology can enforce data privacy and bring dynamics to the entire data industry,” he said.

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