Kakao is hiring counselors for cryptocurrency wallet. Does this finally mean a countdown Klip’s?

There has been speculation in the industry that Kakao’s cryptocurrency wallet, Klip, has begun the count-down for its launch. The company has released job postings for hiring counselors. Klip was initially planned for official launch last year, but was postponed to the first half of 2020 due to internal issues. Posting for Kakao cryptocurrency wallet counselors According to the industry, a recent job posting on the job search Website Jobs Korea was advertising for a Kakao messenger counselor for the company’s affiliated cryptocurrency wallet service. The latest posting, on telemarketing service company Transcosmos Korea, called for applications for positions that will provide counseling via Kakao messenger. The deadline for the job application was Feb. 17. In August 2019, Ground X announced that the cryptocurrency wallet Klip will be launched through Klaytn Governance Council. Klip could be used through Kakao’s messenger. Both the Klaytn-based KRC-20 tokens and Kakao’s cryptocurrency, Klay, can be stored in the new wallets. Any Kakao messenger user could easily access Klip without having to install a separate wallet application. Finally arriving after a long wait Ground X was planning to launch Klip after a Web version, Kaikas, in 2019. However, its plan was pushed back to the first half of 2020 following internal problems. While Kakao’s messenger still displays a teaser for Klip, which was unveiled last August, Kaikas still has not launched. On the news of the hiring posts, there are growing expectations that it is not long before the official launch of Klip. A Kakao official said the company is currently in the process of hiring a related workforce, including counselors, and added that while the company still plans to launch Klip within the first half of this year, the specific date has not been determined yet. The company plans to launch a global version for users outside Korea in the second half of 2020.

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