Saramin issues 'blockchain certificate' when recruiting on its online platform

Korea’s leading recruiting platform Saramin has partnered up with blockchain software developer ICONLOOP to simplify and secure the platform’s job applications and recruiting on its online platform. Saramin will implement ICONLOOP's digital identity authentication system, called MyID, as well as Broof, a blockchain-based certificate issuance service that also allows certificate storage and prevents certificate forgeries. MyID service allows ID authentication information to be saved to the user's mobile phone, so that users can reuse them later on when they again need to verify themselves. Based on the memorandum of understanding signed Feb. 7, Saramin and ICONLOOP will use the Broof system and release studies related to blockchain. They will also coordinate marketing and promotion activities on the services implemented on Saramin platform. Users who want to apply for jobs on Saramin are able to issue certificates through Broof. Users take a photo of the certificate and use it with the MyID app to verify themselves. Institutions like Pohang University of Science and Technology, the Korea Productivity Center and more have been using Broof recently to issue blockchain-related certificates. Saramin’s new partnership will make it easier for applicants to submit the certificates directly through the online platform without having to go through an additional verification process, such as cross-checking with the institutions. “I am confident that the latest partnership will bring meaningful changes in human resources management, based the blockchain’s secured and transparent technology,” ICONLOOP CEO Kim Jong-hyup said. “Users of Saramin, which is Korea’s representative recruiting platform, will be able to experience blockchain technology in their real lives.”

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