Ahn Cheol-soo will develop an innovative party with blockchain

Former Bareunmirae Party Leader Ahn Cheol-soo suggested a blockchain-incorporated management system as part of his plan for a new political party. He is vowing to form an innovative party that makes transactions and management transparent with blockchain technology. A small but useful shared party through a mobile platform During a press conference Sunday, Ahn announce his plans for a new political party under his leadership. The three major strategies are: a “small party” that will use less in government support funds, a “shared party” that runs with suggestions from party members, and an “innovative party” that uses blockchain technology. The former Beareumirae Party leader said he will create a small but useful “network party,” which has a voting system for party members that runs on mobile platforms for suggesting ideas and collecting opinions. Ahn emphasized that the party will be a “Career-Cracy” that uses the mobile platform to hear varying opinions from experts and those on site. Government funds transparently managed through blockchain Ahn said he will make all budgets and spending transparent through the blockchain system, which aligns with his view to “create a clean human-centered political entity.” He said the party will only take half the funds normally given to political parties by the government. “A party runs with government support funds, and it is the party’s responsibility to make it transparent to others,” Ahn said. “We are trying to create a society of trust by implementing blockchain in managing public documents.” Learning from Estonia Ahn mentioned the case of Estonia in implementing blockchain technology for national administrative systems. Estonia used blockchain to create a digital government and issue blockchain-based identification for all citizens. Estonia “constructed the national system with a blockchain base,” Ahn said. “We are trying to adopt that system. I believe it is our job to bring it right and before anyone else. That will innovate political parties and eventually change the political sphere as a whole.” Ahn said in a 2018 interview that he has been interested in blockchain technology since 2015. He is considering using blockchain for recruiting party members and for voting. He added that being unable to think about cryptocurrency and blockchain separately equals no understanding of the technology in the first place.

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