The mistress got the Rolls Royce

Users of a cryptocurrency exchange that offered to give Rolls-Royce and Maserati cars as prizes accused a woman suspected to be the secret mistress of the exchange’s owner for fraud and misappropriation. Big prizes Local law firm Golden Rule Law, which represents the plaintiffs, said Monday that it sued the woman on Nov. 29. Exchange users had filed suit against the exchange’s owner, chief executive and other executives for making exaggerate claims. The exchange had claimed the coins it issued will be installed in the Samsung Electronics Galaxy S10 smartphones and that it was looking forward to inking a partnership with a well-known global hotel brand. The exchange also said its coins will play the role as a key currency. In a promotional event, it said it will give luxury cars, like Porsches, Maseratis, Rolls-Royces and Bentleys, to users of the exchange based on their transaction volume, holdings and the number of people they recommended the exchange to. However, the exchange failed to award the advertised prizes. It said its bank account has been suspended since August on fraud accusations. The exchange’s homepage has been shut down. Suspicious event winner The law firm and victims discovered that some event winners overlap, and found evidence of wrongdoings by the cryptocurrency exchange. They claim the winner of the Rolls-Royce is involved with the exchange’s owner and that the exchange-owned Maserati has been transferred to her. They decided to sue the woman. “There are cases where [exchanges] transfer deposited money and cryptocurrency in digital wallets to their close relatives and lovers,” said attorney Park Ju-hyun of the Golden Rule Law. “Depending on the cases, we can file suit [against those] helping hiding money earned through criminal activity and file a civil suit to claim damages.”

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